Configuring the Plugin Code

Functional Options

One set of functional options let you turn on or off built-in questions, like telephone number and cover letter. You can also add up to three "yes or no" questions of your own.

Another group of functional options allow you to specify various tracking information. This data is not displayed to the applicant, but will be sent to you to help with job reconciliation on your side.

Phone Number

By default, the applicant is prompted to optionally provide you with their phone number. Use the data-phone parameter to switch this to required, to make it mandatory:


Or hidden, to omit it:


A value of optional preserves the default behavior. (Of course, this can be omitted since it's the default.)


Cover Letter

Similarly, you can choose to prompt for a cover letter. This time, the default is hidden, but you can enable it using either optional or required. The options behave exactly as they do above with data-phone:


Your Questions

Some positions require an application to answer specialized questions. For example, you may want to know about an applicant's employment status, security clearance, or if they've received a necessary certification.

The data-question parameter allows you to pass a JavaScript array of three boolean questions. You provide the text, we insert them into the application with a checkbox.

For example:

data-questions='[{"question": "Do you have top secret clearance?"},{"question": "Have you passed the Series 7 Exam?"}]'

The above parameters would create a plugin where the phone prompt is hidden, the user is allowed to optionally upload a cover letter, and there are two optional questions:
The code would be:

<script type="IN/LIApply" data-email="" data-companyName="XYZ Company" data-jobTitle="Chief Cat Herder" data-coverLetter="optional" data-phone="hidden" data-questions='[{"question": "Do you have top secret clearance?"}, {"question": "Have you passed the Series 7 Exam?"}]' </script>

Which translates into:

Job Id

Use the data-jobId parameter to allow you link this application to a job reference number in your system.


Additional Tracking Text

Beyond the job Id, you may wish to track additional data. For instance, if you're doing an A/B test of your application page and want to see which version drives higher quality applicants. Or, you could have the plugin in two different places, and want to see which source drives which people.

The data-meta parameter is a string that lets you pass any text you want. This will not be displayed to the user or acted to modify the behavior of the plugin. It's only used as a place for you to insert text of your own format that will be passed back to you for every application.