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ApplyMetrics analytics platform - the building blocks for your analytics projects

1. Get an Account

Sign up for an ApplyMetrics Analytics Account

First thing to do is sign up for an ApplyMetrics analytics account. Once you have an account you can set up various views and dashboards to see how your job pages are performing.

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2. Add the Apply Button

Place the Apply Button to your career site.

The Apply Button is a small piece of Javascript code that can be easily added to your career site job pages. There are some straight forward configuration options that tell us how you want the applications to be routed to your recruiters or your ATS system.

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3. Set up your dashboards

Create dashboards that you can share.

Use our online dashboard-like interface that uses colorful charts, widgets and graphs to help you track recruiting data, job views, source of hire, application rates, ROI, and more. Let your whole team see and measure their recruiting success.

4. Understand your recruiting spend

Get a clear picture of how your jobs are performing.

Are you getting the right candidates? Are you getting better candidates from a particular job board? Check ApplyMetrics analytics to ensure everything is performing just how you expect.

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